Member Benefits

Legislative Efforts

Forming working groups around primary focus areas

Identifying and working with legislative champions

Policy development and advocacy

Provide subject matter expertise and education on topics related to Bitcoin & blockchain technologies

Business Development

Access to membership directories

Quarterly meetings for members

Regular networking events

Branding Opportunities with Ohio Blockchain Council and adjacent development groups

Direct connection to Ohio Chamber of Commerce and US Digital Chamber of Commerce

Develop the pipeline of talent in partnership with Ohio Colleges and Universities

Our work ensures that the Bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem develops in Ohio with a pipeline of development through research, sponsorship, grant programs, and university partnerships.

Industry Association

Partnering with the Ohio Blockchain Council is the Ohio Bitcoin Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to Bitcoin research, education, and community within the State of Ohio.

Our vision is to ensure that Bitcoin is recognized as a novel technology and with broad implications for the people of Ohio, the United States, and our world.

The Ohio Bitcoin Foundation seeks to fund, develop, and distribute research and education about Bitcoin and related social, scientific, and economic issues.

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